how we started

The Party began in spring 2016 when Sarah and Lacie were asked to bring some of their barnyard friends to a birthday party. That's when the girls started to wonder if they could turn their hobby into a small business. They started with mobile parties but with the hall being built at the farm in the fall of 2016 the business grew quickly. As things grew, more people joined the team. Teena and Jen started helping with mobile parties and events at the hall and, as we brought in more fun and cute animals, Ken and Rebecca took over the day-to-day care. Now we are the barnyard crew!


Lacie Ordano

  Co-founded the Barnyard Party Animals with Sarah in 2016. She was born and raised in black creek, not too far from the farm. She started in the 4H club in middle school, where she fell in love with animals. While in 4H she learned to breed and take care of rabbits and guinea pigs. She started her own little backyard farm in 2014 , dubbed the quarter acre farm. Starting with Chickens, it quickly grew to rabbits, guinea pigs , quail and ducks. Having a small farm she was able to teach her young children, Taryn and Lexie, the importance of raising animals while building a strong love of animals. Being a part of the Party Animals has been a dream come true , as she gets to make a career out of something she is truly passionate about!


Ken & Rebbeca Williams

 We are a young family with two boys, and have lived just over a decade on the Island. We enjoy all aspects of the outdoors in the area, especially anything at the beach. Animal lovers from the start, we began with one cat, and now our household has included at various times pigs, hedgehogs, ducks and bunnies, and we love looking after all the Barnyard Party Animals at the farm. 

LJ Jackett

LJ was an animal addict from a young age. Her brothers would bring home snakes and frogs after hiking in the woods for her to play with, and all the neighbourhood cats knew where LJ lived and would follow her around.  She fell in live with horses at age 10, and for many years she competed in equestrian events and taught horseback riding around Ontario and California. She also loves to travel, and has lived in Australia, Iceland, the USA, and all over Canada. She has lived in Courtenay since 2016, and does so with her 2 guinea pigs and Mexican dog, Peggy.  LJ is the Goat yoga teacher at the farm.  She loves bringing people of all ages together for animal therapy, movement, and laughter!  She also teaches yoga without goats all around the Comox Valley, and integrates natures excursions with yoga as well.